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South Mountain China Tours

South Mountain China Tours is dedicated to providing information about China's history and cultural achievements. All of world culture is enriched by China's ancient civilization. Whether in handicrafts, drama, opera, literature, dance, music, or visual arts, China draws from long centuries of genius and development. The sea of Chinese culture is vast indeed, and no one can claim to be "Zhongguo Tong" (know all about it). It is enough to find your area of personal interest, an area that touches your heart, and brings a deep bond with the people of China. We are pleased that China is becoming an active member of the world community.

South Mountain is not planning new tours in China during 2012 or 2013. Check back with us in 2013 to see our future plans. Our videos about Chinese traditional culture and other links in the menu above remain as a resource for people interested in knowning more about China. There you can learn about Chinese history, Chinese folklore, the "three teachings" of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, and much more. In our links above also find a "map" of the great Chinese Chan masters, plus a list of mp3 file that explain how to pronounce Chan names, and a map showing the general locations of the most famous Chinese Chan temples in China.